Why Should You Use FBA Shipping?

FBA Shipping allows you to offer customers another option to receive their products. It is used best alongside a MFN shipping option. 

FBA Shipping - The Why for Amazon Sellers
1. Amazon picks, packs, ships, AND tracks the order for you
2. Amazon handles ALL returns and refunds (24/7 service for customers)
3. You get prime shipping immediately (Seller-fulfilled Prime is very difficult to do) which heavily increases conversion rate of the offering
4. Amazon will remove any reviews of seller feedback about poor shipping delivery when it is at fault
5. You can ship in hundreds of units at one time to Amazon and not have to worry about order fulfillment for weeks
6. You get access to several FBA programs:
a. FBA Small and Light: Lowered fees for low-selling-price, small, and light items
b. FBA Subscribe & Save: Repeat sales for a small discount
c. FBA Pan-EU: Access to certain European countries
d. FBA Export: Adds a large quantity of countries to the eligible list of customers
e. Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Fulfill orders from other channels
7. You get access to other programs like Amazon vine for review generation, prime-exclusive discounts, and virtual bundles to increase AOV
Note: Make sure to also have an MFN listing for each product in case you stock out of FBA inventory.

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